12 Days of Christmas Giveaway- Day 4



On the fourth day of Christmas the Rose Quarter gave to me…

4 Point Baskets!

Our fourth offer for the Twelve Days of Christmas is going to have you jumping for joy to the Rose Garden to watch the legendary Harlem Globetrotters! This prize pack enables you to be the Junior Globetrotter, where you and a friend will get to join the team on the bench for the game. The prize packs include a family 4-pack of tickets, a meet and greet, a Harlem Globetrotter t-shirt and autographed absketball.

To enter-to-win this prize let us know your favorite basketball trick in the comments below.

*The winner (and their friend) who gets to sit on the bench with the Harlem Globetrotters during the game has to be 6-12 years old. Contest expires 12/26/11 at 11:59pm.

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40 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway- Day 4

  1. The “Barking Dog” inbound play (one player falls to the floor and starts barking like a dog. His teammate cuts to the basket and scores as the other team watches perplexed).

  2. Honestly, I don’t know any basketball tricks LOL… but I would love to take my spec. needs daughter to see the Globetrotters. If we win, she won’t be able to sit on the bench though because she is 21 :-(

  3. My ten year old son says his favorite Harlem Globetrotter basketball move is when they pass the ball so quickly to each other the other team gets dizzy. My six year old says his favorite move (although not so much a basketball related move) is when they dress up like dogs and ballerinas. He also likes it when they play in slow motion.

  4. My favorite basketball trick is the Alley Oop! My son is a big fan and hasn’t seen the Globetrotters since he was 3 and barely remembers it!

  5. I don’t know the names of tricks :( but my step son would love this!!!! Help me get on his good side lol

  6. The classic and my favorite is the Alley-Oop! I love to see when one player shoots the ball close to the rim and the teammate jumps up, catching it and slam dunks it! Awesome!

  7. Barking dog…. PRETTY FUNNY!! My 4/5 year old tried that on the court once… didn’t work to well :)

  8. All the awesome tricks they do with the ball, spinning and it moving all around their bodies. They are pretty amazing

  9. My fav trick is when they steal a ladies purse and make her go out and give a kiss to get it back!

  10. My 6 year old son, Brock, says the barking dog and th reverse dunk. He loves it and he’s always trying to reverse dunk in his room haha. He also likes how they roll the ball down their arms and body and is always trying that too. He just loves those. :)

  11. The ALLIE OOOP !!!! My 12 yr old Grandson wants to go see the Harlem Globe Trotters soooooooooooo bad !!!

  12. I’ve always been a big fan of alley oop dunks, the teamwork and coordination it takes , not to mention skill is just the all encompassing spirit of what basketball is about!

  13. The old elastic band on the basketball was always my favorite watching the Globetrotters as a kid! A Globetrotter would go to throw the ball to the ref and it would snap back! That was high comedy to my 8 year-old mind! I wonder how much my 7 year old would love it.

  14. So many great tricks! I’ll have to pick… the ally oop~ cuz Ally is my son’s nickname ;0)

  15. Most definately, the water bucket. I remember the first time I saw the globetrotters and I was sitting behind the basket and thought for sure I was going to get soaked!

  16. the best basketball trick move would have to be spinning the fall on your finger tips and through your legs

  17. Im not Picky…anything that they may do that I will be able to see “the Wow” look of amazement on my little Guy’s face will do for me!!:-) Grew up watching these guys on tv growing up..never seen them in person tho!

  18. I don’t know any plays but I would like to learn them. I see them on TV and I think they are cool. I really want to go and take my baby brother. I know he’s too litle to sit with the players but my mom says if I win I can take a friend but I know my baby brother will like it to. Please pick me cause I really want to see them. And merry christmas.